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Recycling Plastic Bags….Easier Than Ever

images2It used to be difficult to recycle plastic bags, but today more communities throughout the country and the world, are allowing you to simply throw your used plastic bags in with your normal recyclable products.  We have been used to throwing out cans, bottles – both glass and plastic, corrugated cartons and folding boxes in the recycle bin, but today more communities than ever accept plastic bags.

This only adds to the value and ease of use of the most economical form of packaging – plastic bags. Plus Packaging Inc. manufactures plastic, paper and non-woven bags – all of which can be recycled.  In fact, today all of these types of bags contain anywhere from 30-70% recycled product on a regular basis, and many items (like trash liners) contain 95% recycled material.

For years plastic bags have gotten a bad “rap”…today they are more eco-friendly than ever, as they are recyclable, and in some states even decompose from sunlight or decompose quickly (because of additives in the films) in landfills .

Since 1978 (before the Internet) Plus Packaging Inc. has served our clients, and will continue to come up with the most economical, eco-friendly packaging….call us 800-535-9550 or email us for any inquiries or information how your company can become more eco-friendly.

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