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Retail Packaging Show 2012…New Ideas & Enviormentally Sound

p2250028The 2012 Retail Packaging Association (RPA) Trade Show was held last week in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Plus Packaging Inc. attended, and learned about many new ideas for our clients. Today so many products contain more and more recycled content so our plastic, paper, and totebags are not only recyclable, but more and more competitive as far as overall pricing goes. Our full shopping custom products list will offer choices from 100-100000+ bags, as well as printed packaging tape options.

Some of the pictures show some of the new products made out of of everything from bamboo to 100% recycled plastic. Printed Tape is a greatp2250025 alternative for sealing boxes, while offering security, advertising, and recycled product as well.  We have seen business change so much in the 35 years we have been in the packaging business.

Samples of all of these products are available, and many of  our custom and stock products are available at once, or if printed, in as little as 7-10 days. Many components are involved in getting you custom product, p2250013and through March 2012, we are offering free or discounted printing plates for your custom bags and/or tape.  Feel free to call one of our customer reps today at 800-535-9550 or email us at with any of your custom packaging  requirements.  The RPA show was a huge success, and we are happy to share some of this new technology and ideas with you.

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